However borrowers upload their hands out pages of unwelcome surprises.

BBC Covers Unknown Soldier

Here’s a link to a fantastic little feature on the BBC website (they even published one of my photographs!). I also did two interviews for the BBC in the last several months. I’ll post those soon. For now click below!

In Pictures: Ugandan Comic Book Hero

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  1. Josh G (of East Canada! Says:

    BBC and New York Times!? Congratulations again, Mr. Dysart.
    I wrote a more detailed post of my specific praises of your comic (further down the page…back around the issue 6 post maybe?). In short, keep up the amazing work. I would also like to add the I really appreciate the research and hard work you have obviously poured into this comic which you consistently manage to make entertaining, relevant, and informative.
    This is among my top favourite comics of all time.

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